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Historic Eastside Real Estate

Historic Adobe homes are the hallmark of the historic eastside of Santa Fe. Many of the homes on Santa Fe’s historic eastside and been passed along through generations. In fact some of these homes date back to the 1700’s (or earlier). In their original form, some of these homes were built with adobe bricks had roofs made of mud supported by vigas. Canyon Road, that intersects the historic eastside of Santa Fe,  is one of the most famous roads in the United States when it comes Art. This narrow road is lined with historic adobe homes, including many that are now used as galleries, gift shops and restaurants such as Geronimo Restaurant and The Compound. These properties exemplify the true romance of Old Santa Fe. Hidden behind many of the Historic Adobes walls you will find elaborate compounds, often focused around a central garden area. Other notable spots are Downtown subscription

Guide to Canyon Road Galleries